Ready, Set, Go!

  • Posted on: 4 June 2017
  • By: Guy

Coding has officially begun in our Google Summer of Code! This year, we have two tasks ahead:

(1) porting Pattern to Python3 and
(2) develop tools that will help detect fake news

No small feat, but we are blessed with 3 great candidates to help us out: Markus Beuckelmann is in charge of Pattern's migration to Python 3 and is already coding and committing. Masha Ivenskaya is ready to expand on her previous work on fake news detection through text analytics and is now looking at best practices for evaluating the task ahead. Bhairav Mehta will be finding ways to detect suspicious patterns in images, but will also apply his thorough knowledge of deep neural nets to the text analytics side of things.

Add to this a diverse group of mentors to help us along the way and I'm sure we'll make GSOC 2017 one to remember.

Stay tuned!