Phase 1 - Report: Максим Филин

During the first month of Google Summer of Code, I have been working with the following tasks:

  1. Refactoring social media Twitter API.

  2. Trying all framework examples and fixing bugs and errors.

The project in master branch now supports only python 2, but we want to add the ability of using python 3. In this regard, it is necessary in some places to refactor the code. So, most of errors have been fixed.

3. Compiling libsvm and liblinear binaries for macos, ubuntu and windows and adding them in pattern to make pattern.vector work out of box. SVM examples now work on all platforms.

4. Looking at Travis CI failing unit tests.

There were some errors: in TestParser.test_find_keywords and TestClassifier.test_igtree. The problem was in wrong interpretation of test examples and they are now rewritten. But there are still sometimes errors in Search Engine because of APIs licences and permissions.

5. Working on VK API.

We think that it would be great to add the api to VKontakte, the biggest Russian social network. It is used in many countries and supports over than 50 languages. It also has very multifunctional api, so it can be added in pattern. The structure for working with api have already been created.

In the following part of Google Summer of Code we will focus on Python 3 Pattern release and testing. Also we will try to implement module.