Leonie Vanstappen
Masha Ivenskaya
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Masha is a Master's student in Computational Linguistics at the University of Washington, where one of her research interests has been analysis of news data. Prior to starting graduate school, Masha spent over five years at as a lead linguistic analyst, and later as a junior developer, of NLP systems and products.

Amra Dorjbayar
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Journalist @VRTNWS

Markus Beuckelmann
2017-Coder, 2018-Mentor, 2019-Mentor
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Mike Kestemont
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I am an assistant professor in the department of literature at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. I enjoy research in computational text analysis, in particular for historic texts. Much of my work can be situated in the Digital Humanities, an international movement in which scholars from the conventional Humanities (linguistics, literary studies, history, ...) explore how digital methods and computation can support, enhance and transform traditional forms of research and teaching.

Vincent Merckx
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Online editor for the Vranckx team at Flemish public broadcaster VRT.

Guy De Pauw
2017-Mentor, 2018-Mentor, 2019-Mentor, Administrator
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Guy De Pauw has been working as a language engineer for almost 20 years and has extensive experience developing robust text analytics applications for a wide range of languages. As co-founder and CEO of the University of Antwerp spin-off Textgain, he is now bringing language technology to the market that can extract knowledge from documents in application areas such as marketing, citizen participation and cybersecurity. At the cross-section between industry and academia, Guy is committed to finding industrial applications for the state-of-the-art in cognitive computing.

Tom De Smedt
2017-Mentor, 2018-Mentor, 2019-Mentor, Administrator
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I have a doctoral degree in Arts, a master's degree in new media art and a bachelor's degree in software engineering. I am senior researcher at the Computational Linguistics Research Group (CLiPS, University of Antwerp), co-founder of the Experimental Media Research Group (EMRG, St Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp) and co-founder of the language technology company Textgain. My research interests include AI, machine learning, computational linguistics, computational creativity, brain-computer interfaces and cognition.

Walter Daelemans
2017-Mentor, 2018-Mentor, 2019-Mentor, Administrator
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My research field is computational linguistics. We build computer systems that can learn and understand language. The long term goal is to understand how people acquire and process language and to make computers and robots able to do the same.

Bhairav Mehta
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